Riaan Venter, “Die Nutsman”  uses 4Ever Sheeting
4Ever Sheeting is a roof sheeting made from Polyethylene and comes in 4 standard colours and 3 standard profiles namely Corrugated, I.B.R and Wide Span.

Polyethylene is a Polymer that you see most in day-to-day life.  In fact, Polyethylene is the most popular plastic used in the world today. This is evident as this Polymer is used to make items such as Shopping bags, Shampoo bottles, Children's toys and is even being used in Bullet Proof Vests. These characteristics indicate the sure “Strength” and “Versatility” of this material.

Polyethylene is the most versatile thermo plastic resin available. It is available in a wide range of melt indices, densities and additive formulations. The plastic we use is a UV stabilized Linear Low Density Polyethylene, which is a bi-product produced during the Crude Oil refining process.

Global Quality Standards ensure product uniformity and consistency, with over 60 million tons being produced each year world wide.

Our Roof Sheeting has distinct advantages over competitive products in terms of flexibility, durability and maintenance. It is therefore a superior product at a more cost effective price because of its longevity.

Other colors can be produced at an additional cost should a potential client need a colour that is not currently available. There is also a potential to expand the colour range if there is a demand for other colours.

With the roof sheeting being made from Polyethylene, rust is also not a factor, which makes it ideal for any moist environment, including sea air. 4Ever sheeting is ideal for South African conditions.

Polyethylene is non-abrasive, serves as a thermal insulator, is inert to water, grease and solvents at typical temperatures, is CFC-free and ozone friendly.

This product has been tested by the Institute for Polymer Studies at the University of Stellenbosch and carries a 7 year guarantee on the material.
Whilst there are already other roof sheeting products available on the market,  4Ever Polyethylene sheeting is a superior product. The major advantage being its longevity. It is more durable and flexible than its competitors. Unlike other products on the market it will not discolour, crack, flake, become brittle, chip or rust. The product is positioned as a supplementary product in the market place and not as a replacement for all other roof sheeting products. We offer our customers an alternative.

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Covering Specifications
Covering Width
Purlin Spacing
Max. 760mm
Please note !  The covering width is not the total width of the sheeting. It is the total coverage you get including the overlaps.
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